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CETITEC does not tolerate any unlawful or inappropriate behavior by managers, employees, customers, business partners or public officials; therefore complying with statutory regulations and internal rules. Our Code of Conduct is our top priority.

The success of our company is based on integrity and compliance. In order to meet these standards, it is important to learn of potential misconduct and to prevent it.

Porsche Whistleblower System

As part of the Porsche Group Cetitec is using Porsche's Whistleblower System, which processes incoming tips independently and confidentially.

An important pillar of the whistleblowing system is the principle of fair proceedings. It guarantees the greatest possible protection for whistleblowers, those affected and employees who are involved in clarifying the reported misconduct.

Porsche Whistleblower System

Porsche Hinweisgebersystem


In addition to that, people are at the heart of everything we stand for. We consider respect for human rights a key pillar of responsible corporate governance.

Our aspiration is that human rights are respected both in our company and by our business partners.

We reject any form of human rights violations. Further information on complaint handling can be found in the Rules of Procedure in the Porsche Newsroom under the following link:

Human Rights