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Leading connectivity and Networking systems for the mobility of the future.

Cetitec, a Porsche company, is your leading software specialist for the development of Connectivity and Networking System Solutions. Our scalable software products are key elements for the mobility solutions of worldwide technologically important car manufacturers.

With curiosity, passion and enthusiasm, we build bridges into new car networking and communication technologies and have been successfully solving complex challenges since 1999.

Our products

  • cetitec avb tsn solution

    AVB and TSN solution

    Our AVB and TSN high quality driver stacks combined with EveryIP Framework provide a complete suite of technologies to help create state-of-the art automotive systems. All components are available off the shelf for mass production purposes making Cetitec solutions ideal for any project or application in conjunction with Linux, QNX®, Integrity® and FreeRTOS.

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  • cetitec universal gateway ugw

    Universal gateway

    The number of electronic control units in vehicles integrated into different bus systems is rising constantly. To assure a flexible and reliable communication between all components of the vehicle’s E/E architecture all data has to be routed between the respective field buses in real-time. This challenge is easily met by integrating the Cetitec Universal Gateway (UGW) library into your product

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  • cetitec cetibox h3

    Cetibox H3

    CETiBox is a comprehensive tool for automotive connected systems development, offering connectivity to all automotive field buses and networking systems in one device, be it LIN, CAN, CAN-FD, FlexRay, MOST® or Ethernet AVB. Advanced A/V features make CETiBox an ideal platform for emulation, stimulation, monitoring and script-based controlling.

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  • cetitec most automotive communication system

    MOST communication stacks

    Various devices connected via MOST interact with synchronous and asynchronous communication to create an end user experience of a rich and comfortable multimedia and infotainment environment. Thus, both communications over field buses and device internal distributed communications is a paramount challenge in such classes of embedded automotive devices. 

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Our structures allow for quick decisions, great flexibility andmaximum transparency.

Our comprehensive understanding of systems, our integration expertise and our pioneering methodology enable us to develop sophisticated products for successful series production. Thanks to the unique Cetitec culture, which is characterized by personality, the demand for excellence, enthusiasm for technology and outstanding technical expertise, we create room for creativity. This enables our international team to turn new ideas into concrete innovations and achieve visible success.

Cetitec’s experience for consulting services has been gained in many serial projects for OEM manufacturers and 1st and 2nd tier suppliers from several countries around the world. We help you to specify networking and communication architectures for your in-vehicle network, for your high performance computing platforms and for vehicle-to-cloud connectivity. Our gateway system enables bridging between classical protocols such as CAN, MOST, FlexRay and LIN and high performance state-of-the art bus systems such as Ethernet.

Our services

  • MDN


    Our expertise in diagnostic interfaces, in time-sensitive networks, in shared memory management and inter-core communication concepts make us your ideal partner to choose the best conversion strategies between different protocols, to write detailed requirement specifications for automotive gateways and to specify the most effective software architecture for your communication and networking systems.

  • MDN


    The experience of Cetitec is gained in many serial projects for OEM manufacturers, 1st and 2nd tier suppliers from several countries around the world. We help you to specify gateway concepts between CAN, MOST, FlexRay, LIN and other bus systems like TCP/IP related diagnostic interfaces, write detailed requirement specifications for automotive gateways or specify the software architecture for your time sensitive networking systems.

  • MDN


    Cetitec has successfully completed many projects for several major OEM manufacturers. We start from a customer specification or even include creating concepts and specifications during the concept phase and help you to develop embedded software from acquisition, software architecture and design, implementation, integration tests and testing the software related function on the physical device.

  • MDN


    Training courses are an additional offer to our customers to start efficiently with their projects. The courses can be held at the Cetitec site or at the customer site and are available for all Cetitec Products.

cetitec coding

Advanced networking technologies are the foundation for the software-defined car and enable innovations such as autonomous driving, electromobility, over-the-air updates and mobility solutions that can communicate seamlessly with cloud services and the Internet of Things.

Networks, Hardware Platforms, OS, Design and Architecture with IoT and automotive background: following the path from E/E domain architectures via zonal architecture to the software-defined vehicle, Cetitec’s competencies and products have been evolving to always stay on the cutting edge. In domain architectures, where gateways link domains like infotainment, ADAS, powertrain, body and chassis control, Cetitec provides its universal gateway as a core product to ensure effective, reliable and safe communication between domains. Our post-build abilities, which allow fast and flexible adaptions to changes in the E/E architecture is unmatched. Our AVB/TSN solution ensures a real-time synchronized audio or video communication via Ethernet. In zonal architecture with highly integrated computing platforms we provide know how in routing, diagnosis over IP and service-oriented communication. For software-defined vehicles inter-core communication and distributed data system libraries are key success factors for dynamic upgrades of the system.

We optimize your system as a technology partner based on established standards and provide efficient connectivity solutions and services to drive these architectures and network technologies in new and existing products and extend your system in the right places. With this engineering power, we exploit the full potential of future-proof connectivity solutions and increase the flexibility, comfort and safety of all road users worldwide.

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A good question! We at Cetitec are proud of what we do and above all proud of our team. It is our people who make us great. We invest time and attention in our talented team to ensure everyone can settle in quickly, unfold their full potential and grow with and within Cetitec. Our workforce is highly diverse, multicultural and very talented in coming together as a team of highly skilled individuals with a hands-on and can-do spirit. We work hard, but don’t forget to have fun too and while we may not be perfect, Cetitec is simply a great place to work!